Thank You!

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Liberal Democrats hold Ingol and Tanterton

Thank you to everyone who supported me and the local Liberal Democrat team. I am looking forward to continuing to work in the local community in my new role as City Councillor. It is clear from the result that many local people value the hard work we do in Ingol and Tanterton and together with my colleagues – Peter and Pauline on Preston City Council and Bill on Lancashire County Council – I aim to continue the high standard of work we do.

Finally, thank you again to Bill Shannon for all the work he has done in the community as councillor. He has left some very big boots to fill!

Ingol Victory 2014

Results from Ingol Ward:
Neil DARBY (Liberal Democrat) – 660
Daniel DEWHURST (Conservative) – 224
Chris RIGBY (UKIP) – 537
Lynne WALLACE (Labour) – 491

Working For You – ALL YEAR ROUND

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We can show we work all year round – can other parties say the same?

Other parties claim to work for you all year round – but when have you seen any of them outside of election time when they just want your vote? The Liberal Democrats in Ingol and Tanterton work all year round talking to local people and finding out what they want for the local area, on the doorstep and through surveys. And we report back through our regular Focus newsletters.

Focus Headers

These are just some of our newsletters from the past year!

The next time someone tells you that they ‘work all year round’, demand they prove their claim like your Local Liberal Democrat Team can! (And then ask where they were last summer and over the cold winter…!)

Vote NEIL DARBY for Ingol & Tanterton on Thursday May 22nd

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I am proud to be a part of the local team that works for Ingol and Tanterton all year round.

If elected as your councillor, I would continue to work hard for you – out on the streets but also at Town Hall fighting to ensure we get a fair deal for Ingol and Tanterton, and for Preston as a whole.

Remember that Labour are using their majority on Preston City Council to waste our money, endangering front line services we rely on. They need to be held to account.

Vote for me on Thursday for an effective local councillor.

Neil Darby

Neil on Dovedale Avenue

It’s a matter of trust

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According to new figures, three in four people trust their local Councillor more than their MP to make decisions about their community…

With just a week until election day, a poll carried out on behalf of the Local Government Association (LGA), showed that when it comes to making decisions about local services and the local area only 9% of people trusted MPs and just 6% of people trusted government ministers. However, 77% of people trusted their local Councillor to fight for the local area.

This shows the importance of the decision people will be making next Thursday (22nd May) when they go to the polling station to decide who will be their next councillor in Ingol and Tanterton and across Preston.

Vote for the local Lib Dem team who work for you all year round – not a party who only show up at Election Time!

Neil with Ingol &Tanterton Team at Town Hall

An Interview with the candidate

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Neil with local resident

NEIL DARBY is your Lib Dem candidate for Ingol & Tanterton on May 22nd. But who is he, and what makes him tick? Here Neil answers some of your questions:

So, what do you do - other than politics?
My main passion outside of politics is probably Scouting. I currently lead 1st Ashton Scout Group, down the road from Ingol. I’ve been part of Scouts since I was young. It’s a great way for children to get active and learn responsibilities.

What are you most proud of in your life so far?
It’s a tough call, but I think a particular case from work. A lady had been left high and dry following some poorly-carried out insulation work which left her home so damp that the walls were moulding. After a long fight I was able to get her enough from her insurers to get her home fixed.

What made you decide you wanted to be a Councillor?
I wanted to make a positive difference, is the main reason. I became interested in local politics because I was angry that many local councillors seemed to take people for granted. So I joined a team I could see worked hard all year round!

What’s the next big thing you want to achieve? 
The obvious thing is to win the election on 22nd May! Locally, I would really like to see the formation of a ‘Friends of Ingol Dip’ group to help look after the area after the work that was done last year. It can be a real community asset for us.

Who inspires you the most?
Bill Shannon would like me to say ‘Bill Shannon’! I certainly would like to match his local work record in time. More seriously, I admire Stephen Fry for his work ethic and using his position to support many good causes.


Our Top Priorities for Ingol & Tanterton

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Neil Darby and the rest of the Lib Dem team in Ingol and Tanterton are fighting for you all year round. These are our top priorities for the local area, which Neil will fight for if elected on Thursday 22nd May:

  1. Create jobs for Ingol & Tanterton and Preston – such as by working with the Brickworks developers
  2. Campaign to ensure continued funding for our PCSOs
  3. Continue the fight to prevent house building on the Golf Course and Tulketh High School sites
  4. Stop Tag Lane becoming a main thoroughfare into town for new developments in NW Preston
  5. Support Ingol & Tanterton Neighbourhood Council in their work to improve the local area

What Neil and the Lib Dem Team are doing in Ingol & Tanterton

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Local Government touches all our lives, wherever we live. Local government is also a partnership. Central government provides the money (which is never enough). The officers and councillors of Lancashire County Council and Preston City Council have different jobs to do within the community. In Ingol & Tanterton, we are fortunate in having a Neighbourhood Council too. There are also the Police and Community Together (PACT) meetings, and the community groups, and the churches, and schools. And of course, all the residents. We all work in partnership for the betterment of our local area. So we’re not claiming credit for all the things on this map – but we have had a hand in most of them, sometimes taking the lead, sometimes working with others, or sometimes just giving our support to, or welcoming, the work others have done.

  1. Continuing to work with local community to keep the Golf Course as green space, building a success story in our area while opposing housing development on the site.
  2. Campaigning for a community-oriented future for the Tulketh High School site. Part of it is now being scheduled for housing, but we think it should be considered for reopening to meet the demand from the development of north west Preston. Failing that, we will press for extra-care housing on the site
  3. Brickworks – the project has stalled, because of national problems with retailers, but we are giving the developer our full support and hope to see the work start again soon
  4. Tag Lane Pelican Crossing lights – new LED crossing lights have made a huge improvement in visibility and safety to Tag Lane at both crossings
  5. Two pedestrian refuges to be installed on Tag Lane shortly (exact locations are not yet confirmed – but most likely spots are indicated on the map)
  6. Numerous street light malfunctions reported and fixed
  7. Innumerable potholes reported and fixed throughout the area
  8. Put out survey forms to over 2,000 homes in Ingol and Tanterton
  9. Dog fouling – fought against Preston’s Labour controlled council funding cuts for enforcement using fixed penalty notices – a major problem everywhere according to our surveys!
  10. Ensuring the Highways and Transport Masterplan is being kept to – to prevent Tag Lane from becoming a through-route into town for new houses due to be built in NW Preston
  11. Delivering a Western Distributor road – a dual carriageway to run from a new junction on the M55 to the A583/A584 near the Lea Gate – to keep traffic from new developments in NW Preston off Tag Lane
  12. Nog Tow roundabout resurfaced
  13. Tag Lane to be resurfaced from around the junctions with Tanterton Hall Road and Redcar Avenue
  14. Pavement repairs on Barry Avenue and Cresswell Avenue will take place this year
  15. Road Surface repairs across many streets in Ingol. These will cause road closures on Bardsea Place, Barry Avenue, Beachley Road, Brighton Crescent, Clevedon Road, Colwyn Place, Cresswell Avenue, Cromer Place, Crosby Close, Dalmore Road, Dawlish Place, Dunbar Road, Dunoon Close, Eastbourne Close, Hargreaves Court, Hayling Place, Newlyn Place, St Ives Crescent, Whitby Avenue, Whitby Place and Whitefriar Close. Sorry for the inconvenience, however roads should only be closed for a day and the improved road surface should be worth it.
  16. 20 mph in all residential areas – something we have pressed for over many years
  17. We welcome the initiative of a group of local volunteers who have got together to form a charity to re-open the Tanterton Village Centre on Kidsgrove, with grants from PCC and I&TNC
  18. Ingol dip has been improved as a community asset by collaboration with Gateway and local schools
  19. Supported INTACT in their successful bid to expand the Community Centre
  20. Food Banks – it’s an indictment of our society that such things are necessary, but we fully support the work at Holy Family and the other churches and community centres
  21. Regeneration of Dovedale park – a collaborative project between Gateway and Intact
  22. Motorbike nuisance by the canal – campaign to eliminate this problem – residents’ photos used to identify and confiscate offenders’ bikes. Canal Trust to put up signs
  23. Nature reserve – working to protect endangered species on the former Brickworks. Hope for ownership to pass to the community, and a management project set up to allow study and supervised access for the local schools
  24. Anti-moto barrier Whitby Ave/Tanterton Hall Road ginnel – removed without consultation, replaced after partnership working
  25. New Tag Lane road markings – centre white lines repainted on Tag Lane from St Margaret’s to Hillcrest
  26. Tanterton Village Green pitch drainage- a £30,000 joint project to get the playing field back into use later this year

Ingol Map April 2014

Whitby Avenue Ginnel Gate

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Whitby Avenue ginnel gate – the gate which was removed last year because of problems over disabled vehicle access – which led to concerns over motor-bike nuisance – has now been restored, in an improved design.

New Pedestrian Refuge to go on Tag Lane

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After the recent accident involving a motor-cyclist on Tag Lane the County Highway team have agreed to put in a new pedestrian refuge early next year, and improve the white lining along the road.

Quads and Mini-motos

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Quads and Mini-motos – Now the weather is warming up, there is a danger of a repeat of the motor-bike nuisance we had last year.  You don’t have to put up with it.  Report illegal use on 101, giving times, dates and locations.  Take a photo if you can do so safely.  If you want to report anonymously, do so on Crime Stoppers 0800 555 111.  If you are bothered with noise, contact Preston City Council Environmental Health on 01772 906907, or out-of-hours on 01772 794728.