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Disappointment over Preston MP’s lack of action

by neildarby on 13 December, 2014

I am deeply disappointed that Preston’s current Labour MP didn’t vote for the Liberal Democrat proposals to reform the bedroom tax.

In September last year, I voted to make reforming the bedroom tax Liberal Democrat policy and in September Lib Dem MPs voted this through in Parliament.

The bedroom tax is hurting local people and an independent review commissioned by Liberal Democrats showed it’s not working. That’s why the Lib Dems have now taken the first step in reforming the bedroom tax by winning a crucial vote in parliament.

The first reform would mean that disabled people who have adapted their homes or need a second bedroom for medical needs would not have to pay the bedroom tax. Preston’s Labour MP didn’t vote for this.

The second reform would mean that people who lived in their homes before the bedroom tax was introduced would only have to pay if they turned down a reasonable alternative housing offer. Preston’s Labour MP didn’t vote for this either.

Over the next few months you will start to hear more and more from Labour as they demand your vote. They will almost certainly tell you how wrong they think the bedroom tax is. But ask yourself – if they believe so strongly that it is wrong, why did Preston’s Labour MP not vote to reform this unfair law? We elect our MPs to act for us in Parliament – not to just talk about action.

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