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Beware of Burlaries – winter warning from Cllr Pauline Brown

by neildarby on 15 December, 2014

BEWARE- burglaries tend to rise as the dark nights draw in, especially leading up to Christmas when there are more valuables in the home in the form of presents.

The police have launched their Darker Nights campaign to make sure people are aware of the need to check lighting and security. 1 in 3 burglaries happen when windows and doors are not secured properly. Also check sheds are secure.

Beware of anyone knocking on the door always use your door chain until you know who the person calling is, if in doubt check it out, ask for I.D. and if you are still unsure check with the company they are supposed to be from.

Keep a particular eye on elderly neighbours they are very vulnerable in winter.

If you’re suspicious contact local police on the non-emergency 101 phone number.

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